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Best Wool Blankets To Checkout This Year

If you need to choose a blanket for the cold, what type of blanket will you choose? My answer is that a wool blanket is the best choice. A wool blanket can be used to warm up the whole body. Today in this article we will be talking about the best wool blankets that can be a great suit for you.

1. EverOne Olive Drab Wool Fire Retardant Blanket

Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Brand: EverOne
Color: Olive Green
Fabric Type: 80% Wool
Pattern: Solid

One of the best picks is this wool blanket made by EverOne. This is olive drabbed and fire retardant. The color of this blanket is olive green. An interesting fact is, this type of blanket is issued in military service. You can easily use this blanket for hunting or camping outside the city where it is too cold, or anywhere you want. This blanket is designed in such a way that no air can enter. Actually, The material is not so hard that there can be any space. For this, no air can enter. This shows how your body temperature stocks in the blanket.

Here 80 percent wool has been used. So wool will serve you in extreme conditions and for this reason, this is ideal for any emergency or anytime use. Blankets made of wool will not only make you warm but also give a soft feeling. Because wool is more comfortable than the other types of materials. It is made as a fire retardant. I think this will give you a very good benefit. How? As I have told you earlier, this blanket is suitable for outside camping. So when you stay in front of a fireplace or campfire it will make you worry-free. Although I highly suggest you stay at a safe distance from the fire to be secure.

The size of the blanket is 66″ X 90″. This quite large enough blanket can serve comparatively tall persons too. As the width of this item is also good, the item can be a good fit for couples too. It is also portable to easily fold this item. You can also take it with you in the car or bag. If you take this in a car you will be able to use this as a portable emergency kit for sudden colds or anything else like this.

2. BUZIO Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

Size: 48″ x 72″ 15lbs
Brand: Uttermara
Color: Navy Blue
Pattern: Unicolor
Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Next, we chose this nice blanket made by BUZIO. It’s made of wool. It has sherpa fleece weighted on top and wool-like sherpa reverse. This will make you feel soft and comfortable. For this, you will enjoy this soft blanket and relax. The look of this blanket is unique. The 220 GSM fleece on top and reverse is also 220 GSM sherpa. That’s why this is very thick and will make you warm and stay away from cold.

Even in the severe cold, this will easily save you. Its color is navy blue. It looks like a formal color that’ll fit easily anywhere in the room. I think looks matter. This blanket has a 7 layer design. There are small squares on the whole body which are sized around 1mm clay dabs sewn into little squares.

The general size of this blanket is good for one person. This means one person can easily use this. But a couple or two people can use this although it’ll be tough. For this, you have to choose a bigger version. Which version to choose is given in the size chart. The company claims that this is made to use for one person. They provide a size chart. That chart indicates that people weighted between 140-190 lbs will not face any problem. It depends on the weight of you and the blanket ratio. If the blanket weight is fine if this is around 10% of your body weight.

3. Arcturus Patterned Wool Blanket

Brand: Arcturus
Color: Lava Canyon
Fabric Type: 70% Wool
Pattern: Lava canyon
Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash

Here we have chosen a simple-looking blanket made by Arcturus. This thing has a red and black colored design. Although the first priority is not the design, it will embellish your room. The blanket has a great-looking design. This blanket has been made of 70% wool. So you can be sure that it’s a wool blanket. It has hemmed and loom-woven on all sides with contrast lock stitching. So it’ll look nice while in the bedroom or the living room while watching tv or something like that.

This is very thick in materials that is about 550 GSM. For this, it’s very heavy and thick. So it will keep you very warm in the cold weather. The weight of this wool blanket is 4.5 lbs. It’s large size is 64″ x 88″. The item is enough to use for several persons if you get the large versions. But I recommend that you consider the size of how many people you will use. In this case, the large size of this blanket will easily fit two people at least.

It’s made of the maximum amount of wool which is about 70%. As this is a natural fiber, it’ll keep you warm, even in severe cold conditions too. The rest of this blanket is hypoallergenic synthetic fibers for durability and washability which is about 30%. As we have known that wool is naturally fire retardant. But I have recommendations for you that always keep a safe distance from the fire. The last thing is, you can wash this blanket in the machine. This will not harm the cloth. So the materials are washable.

4. Chunky Knit Blanket Merino Wool Hand Made

Size: 40×80 in (100×200 cm)
Color: Sky Blue
Pattern: Animal Print
Product Dimensions: 40 x 80 x 2.1 inches; 4.5 Pounds

Here we will discuss the blanket that is made of wool. Primarily it is made of wool but it has some other elements also to make it more comfortable. The company offers a 100% refund if you want to return. Although, you must need to see the policy to get it. In my opinion, this is a good point. I am telling this because their quality is very good and also other buyers who used it are satisfied with the quality.

The material of this blanket is deeply plush acrylic material. That’s why it feels luxurious. For the wool, it is warm, cozy, and lightweight. You can use this all season if you feel cold. This gently adjusts your body temperature and gives you a warm feel. It is nice and comfortable for all ages. This features a bold look and will give you a sweater-like feeling. This thing looks casual. That’s why it will increase home beauty. What I want to say is, it is stylish too.

It has a textured thick knit design that’s why it’ll give you comfort. The manufacturer company instructs that this blanket can be cleaned by washing machine.

5. Arcturus Buffalo Plaid Wool Blankets

Brand: Arcturus
Color: Gray Buffalo
Fabric Type: 80% Wool
Product Care Instructions: Machine Wash
Product Dimensions: 88 x 64 x 0.01 inches; 4 Pounds

We have talked about some pretty heavyweight wool blankets. We have chosen our list to cover every kind of wool blanket. This Arcturus Buffalo Plaid Wool blanket is the best value for money. This will be able to serve people in cold. The weight of this piece is 4.5 lbs and the density is 550 GSM. The density is enough thick to save us from cold. The design of this blanket is pretty unique and casual. So you can wear this like a casual-looking dress. Although it is not a dress you can wear while going outside. The large size of this blanket is 64″ x 88″. So it will easily fit you comfortably.

The material of the wool is 80%. The other element is 20%. The main material is wool but some companies use some other elements to make the best version of the blanket. But, you will feel so comfortable with this. This blanket has hypoallergenic fiber, this helps the wool to wash and clean. So you don’t have to worry about damage.

Overall it will give users good support from cold. But keep in mind that, wool is naturally fire-retardant. But this blanket has other elements to give the person the best feelings. So be aware to keep this safe from fire and other harmful chemicals. Besides, you can wash this by washing machine when needed. Please go through at least once to get the full instruction before cleaning.

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